Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a park you don’t want to miss visiting. It’s 200 acres offer many options for outdoor enthusiasts including hiking, jogging, walking, and more. There’s an observation tower that will give you a wonderful view of the city and amazing photos for your album.

Recently they built a new restroom that is open to the public. The existing restroom is being renovated and the playground will still be open during this construction. The restroom renovation will be converted to a family restroom and maintenance use.

There are 3 miles of natural, unpaved hiking trails and then 3 miles of paved trails that are only for pedestrians so if you’re looking for a beautiful nature walk, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve won’t disappoint.  As the name states, this is a nature preserve. Therefore, it’s important to be aware and watchful when visiting, for venomous snakes, poison ivy, insects and wild animals. And it’s also important to keep your trash on your person; don’t litter!

The preserve also offers 2.7 miles of designated off-road bicycle trails. If you love to ride dirt bikes, these trails are worth exploring.  The largest eco-region is the Blackland Prairie, filled with wildflowers and grasses, along with a few trees.  Along the multi-armed creek that runs through the park you’ll find the riparian forest eco-region. This is home to many different trees, fish, vines, reptiles and birds.

Looking for a venue for a special event? You can reserve a pavilion and take advantage of the playground. There are also drinking fountains, BBQ grills, a public restroom and two parking locations. The park is free to visit and you can find the park hours online.

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