Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Love the outdoors? There’s some great fun to be had in Plano, Tx and surrounding areas, whether you are a permanent resident or just visiting. The Go Ape Adventure Course offers zip line and ropes course for all to enjoy. The outdoor adventure company runs tree top rope courses. There are different experiences to choose from: Treetop Journey, Treetop Adventure, Monkey Drop and Axe Throwing.

The Treetop Adventure is a very unique outdoor experience that you won’t soon forget. This experience takes you on a two to three hour self-guided tour through a forest canopy. As you go, you’ll get to navigate suspended obstacles and ziplines, which will leave you feeling excited and exhilarated!

You will be equipped with safety gear and equipment by the staff and they’ll explain the course etiquette to you. After the safety brief you’ll be free to start your adventure throughout the trees. Visitors also won’t have to worry about running in to any issues because an instructor will always be on hand to help you when you need it.

Their Treetop Journey experience is ideal for explorers of all ages and abilities. You’ll get to enjoy tree-to-tree crossings, 2 ziplines 20 feet above the round and obstacles. You’ll be attached to the safety harness the entire time you’re exploring through the trees. Once you finish the course and are back on the ground, your equipment will be unattached.

For those who enjoy jumping from high platforms, you might want to try the Monkey Drop. There are stairs or ladders to help you reach the jump platform where you’ll be connected to the safety system and explain the way to go.  The minimum age is 5 years old, the minimum weight is 44lbs and the maximum weight is 285lbs. Both of these are pending harness fit, however. When you reach the platform, you can jump and then freefall for about 10 feet before the jumpline catches you and then slowly lowers you back to the ground.

The Go Ape outdoor company also offers Axe Throwing. They have two lanes and a target for each lane. Each lane can have 8 people at a time; if you are going with a group of more than 8 people just contact them beforehand. Want to reserve your own Axe Throwing lane? They allow it! Youth participants will need adult supervision but they do not have to participate with the youth partaking. Youth participants are those aged 10-15.

You must be at least 10 years of age to participate in the axe throwing. The correct shoes are also required which would be any that have a closed toe and heel and fully enclose the foot. Slip-ons, sandals or any shoe that partially exposes your foot or toes is prohibited. Guests will get to throw axes for 1 hour. If you would like more time just give them a call ahead of your visit.

When you’re ready to explore more fun to be had in Plano, TX, go read this article. When it comes to needing extra funds to help cover the costs of your Plano visit, just let us know and we will be happy to help.