Crayola Experience

For all who really love crayons, while in Plano, TX you should definitely check out the Crayola Experience. Your kids or kin will be entertained for 3-4 hours with lots of colorful fun and activities. This one-of-a-kind family destination offers dozens of hands-on, creative activities.

The place is very colorful, obviously, and helps kids explore technology and art, encouraging them to express their creativity. The Crayola Experience in Plano is 60,000 square feet of attractions…that alone is worth exploring. 25 hands-on attractions that help kids learn while also having fun.

They are open all year round and are an ideal venue for events; birthdays, special events, etc. They offer group discounts and annual passes also. Crayola Experience supports thousands of community charitable organizations, including March of Dimes, United Way, and more. They can help you raise money for your 501(c)(3).

Among the creative activities your kid will enjoy are: Activity Studio – This is a themed craft area where kids can cut, color and paste themed projects (superhero gear, etc). Adventure Lab – kids will solve colorful puzzles and riddles using a ‘magic’tablet. Be A Star – kids can be the star in their own coloring page. Like a real photobooth, with the push of a button they can be in their own coloring page.

Color Playground – this attraction is an indoor playground but styled with Crayola! There’s a 2-story melted wax tower, a splat bridge to bounce across and of course, a fun slide. Different obstacles await to be explored and this type of playground is a good way for kids to use up their energy.

Cool Moves – Your kids can become dancing crayons with this attraction. The crayon character on the screen mimics their every move, dancing around just like your child. There are several other attractions that they’ll enjoy and make some wonderful memories of.

General admission is 26.99 for ages 3 and up, or you can save $3 buy purchasing them online, or save more when you sign up for an annual pass. Once you’re finished entertaining the kids, you might like this article here that’s more enjoyable by adults. Should you find yourself needing a little extra cash, you might give us a call for assistance.